Importing Songs downloaded from CCLI SongSelect®

PowerWorship 4.0 Premium Edition supports importing song lyrics downloaded from CCLI SongSelect as text files.

Song Lyrics Download Instructions for SongSelect

  1. Open your web browser and log in to SongSelect ( )
  2. Choose the song(s) you wish to import in PowerWorship.
  3. For each song - select the Lyrics tab on the song's page and click Download > Text File.

    Song Select Download

  4. Save the text file (for each song) to a directory location where you'll be able to find it later (e.g. C:\temp\SongSelect\downloads).

Song Lyrics Import Instructions for PowerWorship

  1. Launch PowerWorship 4.0 and select File menu > Import.
  2. Select the option to Import Songs downloaded from CCLI SongSelect®, and click Next.

  3. Enter a directory path for the directory where you downloaded and/or saved the song lyrics files from SongSelect (you can optionally use the Browse button if desired) and click Next.

  4. Select the individual songs you wish to import or click Select All to select all of the song lyrics files from the selected location, and click Finish.

  5. Review the import results and click Close when finished.

  6. Optionally view or edit the Song Information properties (e.g. on the Song Information tab) and/or Song Lyrics (e.g. on the Song Lyrics tab) for the newly imported songs.

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