Adding Songs

Adding a new song

  1. Click the New Song ribbon button.
  2. Enter a song Name. The name you enter will appear in the Songs list after you save the song. You can optionally create multiple songs with the same name, or you can optionally use a unique name when adding new songs.
  3. Enter a song Title.
  4. The title you enter will be used as the song title when you create presentation slides.
  5. Optionally enter the song writer's name into the Author field.
  6. Optionally enter a song number in the Song No field. If a song number is specified, the song number can be optionally included when slides are created, depending on the program style settings. A song number prefix can be optionally specified in the program settings.
  7. Optionally enter copyright information into the Copyright field.

    Song Information

  8. Select the Song Lyrics tab, and enter the song lyrics in Designer view or the Source view.

    Song Lyrics - Designer View

  9. To add a new slide in the Designer view, click the New Slide ribbon button. To insert a slide break in the Source view, you can use the New Slide ribbon button or you can manually enter the slide break character ( # ) on a line by itself, to force a slide break.

    Song Lyrics - Source View

  10. Click File > Save (or press Ctrl + S) to save the song.

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