Editing Background Templates

Existing templates can be edited to change the background image, etc. and you can optionally edit existing templates and save under a new name as a means of adding additional templates.

  1. Open the program settings by clicking the Settings button in the main PowerWorship window and open the Background settings.
  2. Select one of the background templates from the list.

  3. Click the Edit Selected Template button to Edit the selected template in Microsoft PowerPoint.
  4. Right-click the initial slide in the Master View, and select Format Background.

  5. Choose a new background color (e.g. solid fill) or picture, and click Apply to All, and then Close.
  6. Use the Save As main (File) menu option to save the template under a new name (e.g. MyNewTemplate) and click Save.

  7. Exit the program settings (e.g. click OK or Cancel) and then reopen the program settings to select the newly added template.

  8. Click OK to save the changes or click Cancel to preserve the existing program settings.

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