Working with Background Templates

Applies To: PowerWorship 4.0 Standard, PowerWorship 4.0 Premium
Requires: Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 or later

PowerWorship supports the use of PowerPoint templates (.pot, .potx) as a means of applying background templates to generated slides for Microsoft PowerPoint. Microsoft PowerPoint must be selected as the active presentation software setting (e.g. in the Environment section of the program settings) for the background template selection list to be enabled in the PowerWorship settings.

Note: Templates are not yet supported for OpenOffice Impress, for slides created via PowerWorship, however you can change the background after creating slides for OpenOffice Impress - if desired. See the PowerWorship Forums for detailed instructions on working with OpenOffice Impress templates.

Selecting the active background template

To select the template that will be used for PowerPoint slides generated by PowerWorship:

  1. Click the Settings ribbon button to open the program settings dialog, and then select the Background settings
  2. .
  3. Select the desired background template from the available list.

Background settings

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