Program Settings

PowerWorship user preferences are configured using the program settings dialog (Edit menu > Settings).

The settings dialog has three tabs:

  1. The Slide Format tab allows you to configure various slide formatting options.
    • If the auto-size options are enabled, PowerWorship will dynamically change the font size depending on the length of each individual song title, etc. If auto-size is disabled, the font sizes you specify via the Format menu will be used. Keep in mind that if a given song contains more than 7 or 8 (or so) lines per slide, Microsoft PowerPoint will automatically reduce the font size so that all of the text fits on each slide, independent of the enablement of the auto-size option in PowerWorship.
    • To configure the alignment of song titles and lyrics, select an alignment option from the Alignment drop-down.
    • To select the background template that is used for generated slides, click the Select... button associated with the Template setting.

    Slide Format settings

  2. The General tab allows you to enter an optional song number prefix that will be added to the title slide for songs that have an associated song number. Trailing spaces will be preserved when the song number prefix is saved. The CCLI (Christian Copyright License) number that you enter will be displayed at the end of each song that contains copyright information.

    General settings

  3. The Environment tab allows you to change the location where songs and groups will be saved (and loaded from, etc.) on your local machine.

    Environment settings

Click the OK button to save changes to the program settings.

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