Working with Backgrounds

Background templates can be specified at the program level and at the song level. The program-level background template is the default background that is used when a song-level background is not specified. Setting the background at the song level allows you to build song presentations that incorporate one or more different backgrounds.

The program-level template is configured in the program settings. Choose Edit menu > Settings, and click the Select... button on the Slide Format tab to change the template.

Program Settings

Templates can be specified at the song-level using the Background button in the main program window. When a background is specified at the song level, the selected background template is applied to each song that immediately follows the background setting in the song list. If a background is not specified for one or more songs (i.e. if no background setting precedes the songs in the song list) the program-level background template will used for each song leading up to the first instance of a song-level background setting.


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