What's New in PowerWorship™ 3.1

Background template-related enhancements

Visual template selection in program settings
The program settings dialog has been enhanced with a template viewer that displays the background image for the selected template.
Improved support for adding and editing templates
The program settings dialog has been enhanced with Save As... and Edit buttons that allow you to easily save an existing template under a new name and edit existing templates in Microsoft PowerPoint.
Multiple background support
Background templates can now be specified at the song level, using the Background button in the main program window.
Song editor enhancements
Save and Close menu option for Song Editor
The Save and Close menu option (with keyboard shortcut: Ctrl +D) allows you to quickly save and close a song and continue working in PowerWorship.
Save As option for Song Editor
The Save As option allows you to specify an alternate Save As filename for a given song (e.g. something other than the song title). This can be useful if you wish to save multiple versions of a particular song.
Tab insertion option for Song Editor
Tabs can now be inserted into the Song Lyrics field in the Song Editor using the Insert > Tab menu option. You can also cause a tab to be inserted (during slide creation) by manually entering the characters ^T in the Song Lyrics field.
Song number option for Song Editor
Song numbers can be inserted (during slide creation) using the Song Number field in the Song Editor. If you enter a song (or hymn, etc.) number in Song Number field, the number (or whatever you enter) will be added to the end of the song title during slide creation. An optional song number prefix can be specified in the program settings.
General enhancements
View Song List option for Song Groups
You can now right-click a Song Group and select the View Song List option to copy and/or view the list of songs included in a particular Song Group. This can be useful if you wish to copy the song list to the Windows clipboard so you can paste it in another program context.
Export and import usability enhancements
It is now easier to export and import songs and groups to/from a PowerWorship archive.
Supported software
Support has been added for the latest versions of Microsoft PowerPoint (2010) and Microsoft Windows (7).
Various performance improvements have been made in the areas of saving and loading songs and groups and in the area of slide creation.
Various usability enhancements have been implemented in the areas of error handling, status reporting, and slide formatting.