Organizing Songs

Once you have selected songs from the All Songs list and added them to the list in the lower part of the Song Groups section, you might need to change the order of the songs or remove a particular song(s) from the list.

You can also insert a blank slide or duplicate a particular song. Blank slides have a plain black background and can be used to break up a section of songs. When you duplicate a song, the copyright information (if it exists) will be omitted from the first round of slides and the song title will be omitted from the second round of slides. Duplicating a song can be useful when you intend to sing a particular song more than once.

Note: It is possible to move blank slides and duplicate songs up and down the list, but be careful not to position a duplicate song immediately after a blank slide. Duplicate songs can only follow actual songs or an error message will be displayed and the slides will not be created properly. Also, a duplicate song cannot be the first item in the list.

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