Getting Started with PowerWorship™

When you first start PowerWorship, check the program settings and enter your CCLI license number. The CCLI number you enter into the program settings will be displayed at the bottom of each song that has copyright information. As shown in the screenshot below, the settings dialog box has three different tabs.

Program Settings

  1. The Slide Format tab allows you to set slide layout options (alignment, background) and auto-size options. If auto-size is enabled PowerWorship will dynamically change the font size (for titles and lyrics) based on the number of characters each slide contains. If auto-size is disabled, the font sizes you specify via the Format > Font ... and Format > Title Font ... menus will be used. Keep in mind that if you place more than 7 lines on a title slide or more than 8 lines on a subsequent slide (i.e. a non-title slide), PowerPoint XP will reduce the font size as needed so the text fits on the slide. Fixed font sizes of 14 and 22 will be used for the "copyright information" and "words by" sections respectively.

    To change the alignment of the song titles and lyrics, choose a different alignment option from the drop-down Alignment listbox. To change the slide background (template) used when PowerWorship generates PowerPoint slides, choose a different template from the drop-down Template listbox. Although there are only a few templates included with PowerWorship, you can add more templates to the Templates folder inside the PowerWorship installation directory. Additional templates can be found on your computer by searching for files with a .pot extension.

  2. The File Location tab allows you to change the location where songs and groups of songs will be read from and saved to on your computer. Unless you want to work with songs and groups located on another drive or network location, there is no need to change the File Location.
  3. The CCLI Number tab allows you to enter a CCLI (Christian Copyright License) number that will be displayed at the end of each song that contains copyright information when you create slides using the PowerWorship program.

Click on the OK button to save any changes you make to the program Settings.